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In today's commercial environment, companies rely on complex enterprise systems to conduct their business. These systems comprise many cooperating elements including legacy systems, bespoke applications, integrated external systems, Web services, etc that may utilise different technologies, protocols, and standards. To retain a competitive edge, companies demand the delivery of quality, well-tested software on schedule and within budget, which satisfies their immediate requirements, is maintainable, and capable of evolving as the company grows.

Producing such software requires not only competent programming skills founded on software development best practices, but also creativity and practical know-how. Enterprise systems are typically built on an application platform such as J2EE, which provides common services, e.g. persistence, threading, security, transaction management, and resource pooling. It is therefore essential to remain abreast of emerging standards, rapidly expanding technologies, and platform extensions so that the return on investment in the chosen technologies can be maximized. Developing enterprise software is greatly assisted by using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which incorporates the application platform technologies. Proficiency with these tools facilitates the production of code, and enables the programmer to focus on the logic whilst leveraging the full capabilities of the platform.

A disciplined approach to software development

We possess relevant, hands-on programming skills using advanced software development methodologies, and practical experience of distributed, component-based technologies. Our technical expertise and business awareness enables us to quickly understand and realize the customer's business requirements.

We use a disciplined approach to software development that combines agile methods with software development best practices to optimize productivity and minimize risk. Employing established practices including short release cycles or iterations, refactoring, automated unit testing, and continuous integration, we deliver quality, working software to our customer rapidly and frequently.

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